Dataset Information

ShortName: CMSFluxNEE
LongName: Carbon Monitoring System Carbon Flux for NEE L4 V1
VersionID: 1
IdentifierProductDOI: 10.5067/4ACY6GOWQ7BB
Format: NetCDF-4
ProcessingLevel: Level 4
Conventions: CF-1.7
GranuleID: CMSFluxNEE_2010_v1.nc4
ProductionDateTime: 2017-09-25T19:00:00Z
RangeBeginningDate: 2010-01-01
RangeBeginningTime: 00:00:00.0
RangeEndingDate: 2011-01-01
RangeEndingTime: 00:00:00.0
SouthernmostLatitude: -90.0
NorthernmostLatitude: 90.0
WesternmostLongitude: -180.0
EasternmostLongitude: 180.0
title: CMSFluxNEE_2010_v1
model: CMS-Flux-V1
source: Kevin W Bowman/JPL
history: V1 produced 9/2017
institution: JPL/NASA

Variables in this Dataset

NEE: Array of 32 bit Reals [time = 0..2919][lat = 0..45][lon = 0..71]
long_name: Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) Carbon Emission
units: kg/km^2/s
origname: NEE
fullnamepath: /NEE
Area: Array of 32 bit Reals [lat = 0..45]
long_name: surface area per cell
units: km^2
origname: Area
fullnamepath: /Area
lat: Array of 32 bit Reals [lat = 0..45]
long_name: latitude
units: degrees_north
origname: lat
fullnamepath: /lat
lon: Array of 32 bit Reals [lon = 0..71]
long_name: longitude
units: degrees_east
origname: lon
fullnamepath: /lon
time: Array of 32 bit Reals [time = 0..2919]
long_name: time
units: hours since 2010-01-01 00:00:0.0
origname: time
fullnamepath: /time